Hollywood to immediately stop making comedies after Gerrard red card against Manchester United

(Photo: Sky Sports)

(Photo: Sky Sports)

If you watched Manchester United’s victory over Liverpool today you’ll have witnessed a match that had pretty much everything. Juan Mata – the greatest person in the history of the world ever – played his best match for United and in general, Louis van Gaal’s side played some of their best football this season. What capped it all off though was Steven Gerrard’s brief appearance, followed swiftly by his ridiculous and brilliant stamp which resulted in a red card. There was a collective laugh the world over as soon as it happened, and Twitter is said to have been on the brink of breakdown from all the activity.

Perhaps the most notable reaction to the red card though is the news that Hollywood producers have responded to it by immediately putting a stop to the making of any comedy films in the future. So funny was Gerrard’s sending off that one Hollywood executive told us here at The Banter Narrative that the jig is up. “There’s nowhere for the genre to go after today,” the unnamed source said. “Life truly is stranger than fiction and with his sending off today we really feel that we may have witnessed the funniest thing to ever happen in life.”

Exactly what was going through the Liverpool captain’s head remains unknown but some have suggested that his impending move to LA has given him a real eye for narrative and story telling. Was the red card – along with the slip last season – just an interesting set piece in the upcoming Steven Gerrard Story? We may not know for a long time, but at least we know it won’t intentionally be a comedy.

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