Brazil legend Pele to lease forehead for commercial advertising


Brazilian football legend Pele has announced today that he will begin renting out space on his forehead for commercial advertisements.

The former New York Cosmos star and Subway ambassador stated that he was unfulfilled with his current advertising obligations and that it felt natural to extend his brand using his most valuable asset – his face.

“I realised that there’s only so many lapels on suits I can wear, because I’m always going to have to remove the suit at the end of the day,” said the former Santos striker. “With my new forehead space for rent, I can offer around the clock, 24/7, high quality exposure for your small, medium or large business. Because I never remove my face. Nor would I want to.”

The cost for renting out space on the legend’s forehead is still up for debate but it’s understood that he will sell space per inch, offering many businesses the chance to take advantage of this great deal.

Pele also confirmed that depending on the success of his new venture, he may look to advertise space on his veneers and his eyeballs.

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