Manchester United write to Court of Arbitration for Sport to request percentage of Marquinhos’ agent’s fee

(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

For quite a long period of time, Manchester United have been linked with nearly all of Europe’s top players. Whether it be Mats Hummels, Kevin Strootman or Edinson Cavani, you can be sure that United have been linked with them in some way or another. For an equally long period of time many of these players that United have been linked with have talked up the idea of joining the club, fluttering their eyelashes seductively, only to sign a new contract at their current clubs.

The most recent player to have done this is PSG’s Marquinhos, who courted the club for weeks and got their fans all giddy about the prospect of him joining, only to inexplicably and treacherously go and sign a lucrative new deal with the Parisians. Most of the time clubs would accept the facts, move on and focus their attentions elsewhere, but having had their fingers burned so often recently, it appears United have had enough.

So sick are they of players using their reputation and interest as leverage for new contracts, they have written to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne to request a percentage of Marquinhos’ agent’s fee from the negotiations over his new contract with PSG. A source in the club’s legal department spoke to us, “We’ve had enough. These top players, with their quiffs and their obscured vision of reality think they can use Man United, MAN UNITED (!) as leverage?! Without us he wouldn’t have gotten as good a deal, and as such should be getting remuneration.”

Whether or not United intend to actually push forward with this case remains to be seen, but they have the full clout of their legal team behind them. If nothing else, it may make one of Europe’s world class players think twice next time they’re about to use the club’s interest to boost their wage packet.

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