Calum Best to exhume father’s corpse for new Channel 5 reality TV show

(Photo: Mirror)

(Photo: Mirror)

Following the release and publicity tour for his tell-all book – entitled Second Best: My Dad and Me – about his footballing genius, though admittedly ferocious alcoholic, of a father, it has been revealed that Calum Best will have his father’s corpse exhumed during the summer for the purposes of a new Channel 5 reality TV show.

Calum is best known for being who he is rather than doing anything but he’s hoping the new show can launch a career in television. My Dead Dad & Me will centre around the Northern Irishman’s son completing a variety of tasks – ranging from the mundane (doing the big shop) to the absurd (kite-surfing in Cornwall) – with the help of his long deceased father.

It has been suggested that Best got the idea for the show after having abuse hurled at him on the street during one of his many interviews about his new book, with one particular civilian saying, “You may as well dig him up and toss him about” referring to what some have considered the disrespect he has shown to his often absent and neglectful father. Rather than be upset by the slurs, the socialite/perfumer took it as a suggestion.

“When that was shouted at me I thought, ‘Why the fuck not?'” said Best when quizzed by The Banter Narrative. “I have many contacts in TV so it was all signed pretty quickly. I think my father would be very pleased with the way it’s shaping up.”

Whether he can reconcile building his entire career on the career and life of his father, while simultaneously criticising the man who’s unable to defend himself, remains to be seen.

My Dead Dad & Me is scheduled to premier in the autumn of 2015.

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