Harry Kane admits he paid Sterling to do rogue interview to “take the heat off” him

(Photo: Daily Mail)

(Photo: Daily Mail)

The football world has been talking about one thing and one thing only tonight – Raheem Sterling’s interview with the BBC. In the interview Sterling has spoken about his past, present and future and that he doesn’t want to be perceived as money hungry, despite turning down a contract offer from Brendan Rodgers’ Vaseline Army. This notion was only intensified after it emerged that the interview was conducted without being authorised by his club.

But, thanks to our ever reliable sources, The Banter Narrative can reveal that the real reason Sterling did the interview was because Harry Kane paid him to do it. So sick is the Spurs striker of the media attention surrounding him lately that he allegedly paid his England team mate half a week’s wages to take the heat off him.

“Yeah, Harry paid me to take some of the heat off of him, which I totally understand,” admitted Sterling when we caught up with him this evening,insisting that although he won’t sign a contract, he was mainly helping a friend. “Now, just because I took money for this interview doesn’t mean I’m motivated by money, I was helping my buddy. With regards to the contract, I’m undecided – I wouldn’t mind a few more mid-season holidays added into the agreement to be honest.” 

Media attention on Kane has been rampant this season but especially in recent weeks as he has continued his mesmeric form as well as making his England debut this week. He has had to field constant questions from the media about his ambitions, and whether he is in fact half man, half deity. By giving this interview, Sterling sought to ensure that the eyes of the media would be fixed only in one place, a smart move judging by Twitter and football journalists’ reactions tonight.

It is believed that Kane is currently holed up in an unknown location basking in the serenity that comes with not having forty articles a day written about you.

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