Manchester United fans prepare nervously for Juan Mata to be inexplicably dropped for Villa game

(Photo: Express)

(Photo: Express)

It has been a long and fruitless international break since Manchester United battered Liverpool at Anfield. It has been a time to reflect and gloat for all but a few, but thankfully, all that European Championship stuff is over now and people can concentrate on what really matters – not national pride or playing for your motherland but giant corporations going to battle using eleven human representatives on the pitch.

In Manchester United’s last Premier League match Spaniard and worldwide crush Juan Mata was everything you’d want in a handsome midfielder. Handsome, for a start, he also pulled the strings and scored two wonderful goals as the Red Devils dispatched their hilarious rivals with aplomb. Up next for last season’s seventh place side is Aston Villa at Old Trafford and after his display at Anfield, Manchester United fans all over the world are fervently waiting for Juan Mata to inexplicably be dropped by manager Louis van Gaal.

Van Gaal is a fantastic manager and his nose is truly awful, he knows what he likes and he knows how to fuck with people. He also appears to like to do things the hard way. As such, it would come as only a minor surprise if he were to drop the blog-writing Spaniard from his first eleven this weekend.

Some might disagree on this but few could deny that van Gaal likes surprising people, sometimes in a positive way, sometimes in a slightly more sadistic way. And with the side in their best form of the season so far, a new surprise is very much due. Of course, Mata will take it like the gent he is and will write an extremely positive blog about birds and trees afterwards, and we’ll all love him a little more.

Whether van Gaal intends to replace Mata with another human or with some kind of egg (it is Easter after all) remains to be seen.

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