Man Utd and Premier League Twitter exchange causes banter bus to crash, killing 16

The Twitter exchange that led the banter bus to crash.

The Twitter exchange that led the banter bus to crash.

Twitter is full of banter and today brought some A grade stuff as the Premier League’s official account had what can only be described as verified account banter with that of Manchester United. The exchange, which related to Charlie Adam’s goal against Chelsea yesterday and can be seen above, was welcomed with shouts of “BANTER!” from all and sundry. A good laugh, I think you’ll agree.

But the fun and games quickly turned to piss, blood and tears as the immeasurable levels of banter caused by the exchange caused the banter bus, at the time travelling from the Soccer AM studios to an EDL rally, to lose control and plunge off a ravine. The scene was said to be one of utter destruction and devastation.

A witness on the scene spoke to The Banter Narrative. “There were bodies and banter everywhere,” she said. “The police and emergency services tried to clean things up but each time one of the injured passengers woke up they’d remember that United tweet and immediately lose consciousness again.” We also spoke to a family member of one of the victims. “He was a good lad, always up for a bit of banter.” Quite.

Banter-related accidents have been on the increase in recent months. Only last month a group of LAD Bible reading young men accidentally died after using metallic paint to write misogynistic and homophobic slurs on each other’s naked bodies, in the name of banter. Their deaths are believed to have been welcomed.

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