Man who had sex with underage prostitute calls former manager a “bad man”

(Photo: Guardian)

(Photo: Guardian)

Franck Ribery, Bayern Munich footballer and sexy philanderer, has taken a swipe at his former manager Louis van Gaal, calling him a “bad man”. The French international stated that van Gaal lost his trust while manager of Bayern Munich and that while he is a good manager on the pitch, he’s a bad man off it.

Whether Ribery meant that van Gaal is a bad man in the way that he speaks to his players in a brash manner, or a bad man in so much as he has sex with underage prostitutes – flying them from Paris to Munich before claiming he didn’t actually pay them for sex – is as yet unknown.

The comments from the clean as a whistle Ribery will no doubt hurt van Gaal, who has always held the winger up as a source of strength and an example to all men. It is even said that the Manchester United manager considers Ribery “a moral compass by which all the world can set their life plans to”.

Ribery is known as a devout Muslim who only strays from his religion when he’s horny, or if it’s his birthday, or when he decides he’s sick of pretending to be a devout Muslim. Van Gaal is yet to reply to Ribery’s comments.

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