Pellegrini admits he “zoned out months ago” as Manchester derby looms


Manchester City’s form has been shaky at best recently and their defeat on Monday to perpetual United rival-beaters Crystal Palace pushed them down to fourth in the table, having been level on points with Chelsea around the new year mark. It’s hardly been sufficient preparation for the trip to Old Trafford on Sunday.

Manager Manuel Pellegrini has come under fire for his passivity when many fans feel he should be bollocking his players and many have been baffled that he can’t appear to even muster a frown or a grimace at the current situation. It all became a little clearer today however as the Chilean engineering graduate admitted that he “zoned out months ago” and is “simply turning up”.

Aside from sounding like a 19 year old more concerned with smoking joints and chilling with his loser friends than making money, Pellegrini’s comments may anger City fas ahead of the most important game of their season. “If they keep paying me, I keep coming in,” he said. “But you must see, we have some great players. But there’s not an ounce of spirit there. They’ve won the league twice and that seems to be enough for them. Once I noticed James Milner was my most effective player, I essentially signed out mentally.”

Asked whether he’d be at the club next season, Pellegrini was rather frank. “I dunno, maybe. My mate’s got a bar out in Majorca and he said I could do promo for him if I want, so we’ll see.” 

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