36 year old anonymous football fan left furious after journalist’s opinion differs to his own


A 36 year old anonymous football fan and Twitter user was said to be incredulous yesterday after a football journalist’s opinion differed wildly from his own. The man, who is a self-proclaimed expert on “football, beer, women, cars and banter” – he also “hates all Islams” – was left in disbelief as Irish journalist and all-round bad egg troublemaker Miguel Delaney disagreed with his opinion on Arsenal and specifically on the divisive striker Olivier Giroud.

The football fan in question, who goes by the Twitter handle @GoonerManChild69 and is no doubt secure in every other aspect of his life, preceded to hurl abuse at the journalist for having a different independent thought process to his own. “I dunno where he gets off,” said the fan. “I’ve been watching the Gooners from my couch for twenty years now and know just as much about them as any bloody journo. Why he doesn’t respond to my vitriol I don’t know.” The man was said to be so incensed that he went on an abuse rampage around Twitter for several hours.

This is not the first occurrence like this on the social media platform and it won’t be the last. All we can hope is that one day selfish journalists will take a look in the mirror and see themselves for what they really are. Their reckless opinion sharing is a threat to self-assured, confident and intelligent people everywhere, and they must be stopped.

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