United and City fans prepare to hate football for 90 minutes

(Photo: Daily Mail)

(Photo: Daily Mail)

Football is a lovely thing and that’s probably one of the reason it’s so popular. An angled through ball, a touch with the outside of the boot killing the ball dead, that weird angle on tele where you think it’s going in but it’s actually miles away – football has it all. But as wonderful as it is, most fans agree on one thing – that they don’t enjoy derby games.

As much as they revel in the tribalism of the game and the abuse they hurl at each other for the other 363 days of the year, when it comes to derby day in Manchester, United and City fans are for once unified in their hatred of the game they love so much. It’s not the football itself, it’s the thought of losing to those hateful fuckers. It’s a feeling felt deeper by United fans who for years revelled in their absolute superiority over their weird rivals.

In recent years that superiority has been threatened but even today there’s an unshakeable feeling that City are just a small club in rich clothes, among United fans at least. City fans, for their part, appear to hate losing to United simply because it’s United, and defeat reinforces the club’s status as minnows in a big red pond. A feeling that even their insanely well paid players seem to subconsciously go along with if their insipid performances this season are anything to go by.

Whatever happens today though, United and City fans can come together in joint hatred for both each other and the game. One no-one wants to play but everybody wants to win.

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