Ashley Young to mentor Angel Di Maria after request from van Gaal

Manchester United superstar Ashley Young will take Angel Di Maria under his wing in a bid to show the player what it takes to prosper at Old Trafford, according to The Banter Narrative’s sources.

Young – one of United’s best performers this term and a superstar in the truest sense – will mentor the meek Argentine on how best to play in the Premier League.

“I’ve always admired Mr. Young – sorry, Ashley – so to have the chance to work and learn on a one-to-one basis with him bodes extremely well for my fledgling career,” said the former Real Madrid man.

The most expensive player in English football history, Di Maria will clean Ashley Young’s boots and fetch him smoothies and tuna melts as part of the mentorship, as well as taking crossing lessons from him.

Young clearly has much to teach the younger, inexperienced Argentine international. However, whether Di Maria himself has the application and intelligence to take Young’s wisdom on board remains to be seen.

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