Sterling proves world class credentials in home win against one of league’s worst teams


Amid the controversy surrounding his rejection of a new Liverpool contract, there’s been a ludicrous amount of attention on Raheem Sterling. The 20 year old has been labelled greedy, deluded, smelly and has been singled out by by barely able to write journalists for smoking a shisha pipe! It’s unknown whether these word smiths, these last great champions of all that Shakespeare worked for, are also aware that Messi has a fag or two on occasion, but that’s a non-issue.

On Monday night, Sterling offered up the perfect retort to his critics. Those who doubted his quality or his worthiness of £150K per week were well and truly made to eat football pie as the best young player in Europe apart from Pogba, Verratti and probably many more showed he just that with a breathtaking, almost rabblerousing performance against the mighty Newcastle. This wasn’t some two bit Punch and Judy show whose manager looks like shaved terrier with a coal miner’s kneecap skin pulled over his face, oh no! This wasn’t a side with possibly the lowest confidence out of any side in the league, this was NEWCASTLE! Yes, the runners up nearly 20 years ago Newcastle, that Newcastle…

Sterling responded to totally unfounded accusations by silly poo heads that he’s never actually done much of substantial worth in his career with a goal and general good performance in a match that may or may not end up meaning absolutely nothing. Indeed his performance was such that expect to see it commemorated and DVDs released in its honour for decades to come. Liverpool fans are smiling now but the fear is that if he keeps this sort of astonishing consistency up against former European champions Aston Villa, it’ll be a case of when, not if, Bayern and co. come calling.

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