Media chooses 16 year old boy as new figure of hate


Martin Odegaard – doesn’t eat his vegetables.

Spanish football newspapers have a long and illustrious history of singling out individuals within the Real Madrid set up for little or no reason. The paper then uses its considerable influence to make things difficult for said individual. Quite why they do this is unknown, although the cynic in me may suggest that they do so to create their patented brand of bullshit stories. How better to suggest an under pressure player might leave the Bernanbeu than by putting him under pressure yourselves?

They usually do have one criteria however – that the player must feature in the first team. This week though they rewrote the rules of bad journalism as they chose the 16 year old boy Martin Odegaard as their new figure of hate. After nights of tense negotiations between the various newspapers’ editorial staff and the elusive but much vaunted Marca, Sport and AS elders they chose the still-pubescent Norwegian as the face of their brand new campaign of bile, replacing Gareth Bale. When pressed on the issue, the member of AS staff we spoke to simply said, “There must always be one.”

Since then they’ve informed us how the young diva is a right wee cunt who doesn’t eat his veg and who refers to Zinedine Zidane as Ziggy. There have also been suggestions that the boy thinks he’s a superstar already – how he got that into his head after a summer of being courted around Europe by its best clubs is anyone’s guess. But AS worked quickly to try and get this idea out of his Scandinavian noggen by refusing to award him a rating in his most recent Real Madrid Castilla game.

Whether or not being a target for a sustained campaign of vitriol from a national newspaper affects the young man’s prospects of making it to the top of the game remains to be seen. If not thing else though, it will be a useful experiment in seeing how developing minds cope with and react to nationwide psychological torment and pressure. So, y’know, swings and roundabouts…

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