Pic of Sterling inhaling helium emerges in new drug shame for player

The picture leaked to us shows a young Sterling off his face on helium.

The picture leaked to us shows a young Sterling off his face on helium.

Just hours after being eliminated from the FA Cup by Villa, and mere days after the dust had appeared to settle on the revelations of his widespread and hideous use of laughing gas and shisha pipes, Raheem Sterling has become embroiled in another scandal today. We at The Banter Narrative have had a photo leaked to us of what appears to be a young Raheem Sterling inhaling helium from a balloon at a child’s party. The picture would suggest that Sterling’s history of substance abuse goes back much further than previously thought.

Helium – or kiddy crack as it’s called – is a substance which, when inhaled, gives the user, or abuser in this case, a funny squeaky voice like a child’s voice. But since Sterling was already a child when using it we can only rightfully assume he was getting some sort of high off it and is scum. And that’s just not on. The picture gives credence to claims that Sterling has a long history of abusing gases of various types and surely must beg the question as to what sort of role model he was for the younger children at the party.

It would seem that this is just the tip of the iceberg for Sterling’s embarrassing and shameful escapades in his private life, especially given the rumours circulating of a picture of him suckling on a woman’s breast as a child. One can only assume that the British tabloids will approach this new story with the style, class and integrity that they have the previous ones. Maybe then Raheem can turn his life around.

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