Barcelona application for child labour camp in Denmark turned down

(Photo: YouTube)

Just a few of the victims of Barcelona’s youth policy. (Photo: YouTube)

Barcelona have had an application to establish a child labour camp in Denmark rejected today, a Danish court has confirmed.

The Catalan club, which has been cautioned in the past for its policy of trafficking children from around Europe, had ambitious plans for what they were to call a “youth football academy” near Copenhagen. However, a decision taken jointly by the Danish football association (DBU) and the Danish high court has rejected their application out of hand on grounds “the plans conflict with the Danish regulations for the protection of children”.

A spokesperson for the court talked to The Banter Narrative. “We simply had to reject the application. It was quite evident when you looked beyond the jargon that it was merely a labour camp. And we here in Denmark do not allow our children to work, especially not unpaid.”

Under the terms of the labour camp’s agreement, parents would have had to sign parental custody over to the La Liga giant, who would then provide the workers with clothes and provisions, which consisted of three bowls of gruel per day. Then, should the youngsters be good enough upon reaching the required age, they would be offered a contract to play at the club.

Amnesty International stated that it “is a victory for freedom and for free people everywhere”, also adding that “the club should not be allowed to within thirty yards of any child for at least ten years”.

The club are said to be considering appealing the decision.

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