“I have little to no idea what I’m doing” admits Advocaat

(Photo: Telegraph)

(Photo: Telegraph)

Sunderland manager Dick Advocaat has admitted in an interview with local journalists that he doesn’t know what he’s doing at the Wearsiders. The candid remarks will hardly help the morale of a squad who already know full well how weak and bereft of talent they are.

Managers under pressure often say things you don’t expect as the heat gets turned up. Brendan Rodgers of Liverpool has stated that he felt his players were outstanding in many games in which they dropped points this season, while Nigel Pearson appears to have lost his mind at many points due to pesky question asking journalists. This though, just seems to be an admittance more than anything defiant.

“I have little to no idea what I’m doing,” said the coach. “I had hope the new manager bounce would help us collect enough points without me having to do much work but that doesn’t seem the case. The players are useless and I barely know their names. It’s pretty grim.”

Sunderland drew against West Ham at the weekend but despite taking a point they dropped into the bottom three. The manager isn’t worried though, “If we get relegated, I’m not going to be here anyway. Also I’m getting well paid for the few games I am here so it’s win-win for me.”

Hardly inspiring words from the money hungry Dutchman, you can see whether his words have any impact as Sunderland play Southampton on Saturday.

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