Shaw out of United game against West Brom with severe fatness

"My other chin is also a chin." (Photo: Sky Sports)

Luke Shaw trains while hoping his stubble covers his growing lack of neck and jaw. (Photo: Sky Sports)

Manchester United have been dealt an injury blow going into the weekend’s action as it has been revealed to TBN that left back Luke Shaw will miss the side’s game with West Bromwich Albion with a a severe case of fatness.

Last summer’s acquisition from Southampton has only completed eight games for Louis van Gaal’s men this season, with some questioning his conditioning. A source within the club told us it’s something they’re working on. “Luke has suffered from this injury for most of his life, the poor chubster. We were aware of his conditioning upon signing him but had hoped it would clear up, sadly that’s not been the case.”

Shaw is said to be determined to overcome the injury and make a renewed push towards succeeding at Old Trafford next season after what has been a positive if slightly unconvincing first season from the 19 year old. “Obviously, to still be struggling with this issue is unfortunate, I eat and eat and eat and nothing changes. But watching Wayne Rooney have a successful career while suffering with the same problems is very encouraging.”

It is believed his manager will encourage the defender to start smoking during the summer, unlike with many players, to try and get the youngster in better shape. Whether it works remains to be seen.

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