West Ham players seriously considering putting in effort as season’s end looms

The Hammers players are said to be considering putting in effort in this weekend's match. (Photo: Sports Mole)

The Hammers players are said to be considering putting in effort in this weekend’s match. (Photo: Sports Mole)

West Ham United’s players are said to be seriously considering putting in enough effort to try and win their game this weekend against Burnley. The east London side have been accused of letting the season wind down after an encouraging first half of the campaign but the players are considering the radical approach of injecting effort into their display today.

“We’ve given it a lot of thought and we might just go for it,” said club captain Kevin Nolan. “It’s hard to motivate yourself when you have nothing to play for but then we thought about the fans. It’s still touch and go and we’re gonna have to see how we feel once we’re out there, but we’re thinking about it.”

West Ham’s recent run of form is symptomatic of league sides who reach the warm bosom of safety long before the season’s end. But Nolan denied the accusation that he and his teammates’ minds are already in Dubai. “We’re actually going to Marbs this year,” said the former Bolton player. “It’s gonna be massive.”

Quite whether the West Ham go through with their revolutionary idea of putting in real effort remains to be seen. With Burnley actually competing for something, they might have to.

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