Conor McGregor to wait for financial offers before deciding which side of marriage referendum to endorse


Conor McGregor will continue to wait patiently for the appropriate financial offer before deciding which side of the Irish marriage referendum to endorse, sources say.

The UFC fighter is currently in the United States training and oiling up his body in preparation for his next fight against Jose Aldo in July and while a host of other Irish celebrities have come out to urge the public to vote yes in May’s referendum, McGregor has been notable by the absence of his strange, confusing voice.

“I believe in a lot of things,” he told TBN. “The ‘Yes’side have a good point and I’d like nothing more than to give a roundhouse kick to inequality, but the ‘No’ side have a lot of dollars behind them. We’ll have to wait and see.”

McGregor is known to be a shrewd operator financially and recently revealed on Instagram that he “only deals with multinational companies on the top of their game”. Whether or not that was a sly dig at the Pop is as yet unknown.

Both parties will have to act soon however as the date for the referendum draws closer. If McGregor decides he doesn’t receive the offer he deserves, he’ll be left in the position of being one of the most prominent Irish sports stars at the moment who failed to use his position to influence his country’s future for the better. And to that we say, fuck the fans, your home country and equality! Bravo fighter man, keep on kickin’!

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