Premier League to kill off Richard Scudamore in stunning season finale

The Premier League is planning to kill off chief executive Richard Scudamore in a stunning season finale, according to sources close to the organisation.

Aware of the success of rival broadcasts such as Game of Thrones, sources say that the Premier League has quietly been toying with the idea of killing off a high profile member for some time, and have only recently settled on gruesomely killing Scudamore – pictured above during a TV interview last year.

“For a long time Richard – or Weird Fingers as he’s known in our office – has been a character people love to hate with his awful views and it’s time for him to go,” said the source. “But he’s been on the periphery in recent seasons due to a desire to avoid controversy. Sadly for him and his family, that just doesn’t make good TV.”

The leaked news of Scudamore’s expected demise has been roundly welcomed, with many suggesting it is just the boost the league needs.

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