Social media erupts as 63 year old man visibly loses his mind at awards ceremony


The world of social media erupted with excitement and laughter in the last twenty four hours after a video emerged from the Manchester United player of the year awards ceremony of 63 year old manager Louis van Gaal visibly and quickly losing control of his mental facilities on stage.

In the video van Gaal can be seen hooting and hollering on the stage in front of the immortal brain vessel and master of ceremonies Jim Rosenthal. The camera shoots to assistant manager Ryan Giggs looking clearly worried and concerned about his boss’ well being.

Despite the near total incoherence and deeply disturbing nature of the speech, it was extremely well received by attendees and fans online alike.

Watch the video of the Dutchman rapidly descend into madness on YouTube because Manchester United’s legal team continue to deprive their loyal fans of the footage.

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