“No one would accept my bribes” says a disillusioned Luis Figo as he pulls out of FIFA election

"In the wrong hands, a bribe is but a large purse," said the former Inter man.

“In the wrong hands, a bribe is but a large purse,” said the former Inter man. (Photo: Eurosport)

“No one would accept my bribes,” said the former Barcelona and Real Madrid superstar Luis Figo as he revealed for the first time the true reason for his withdrawal from the FIFA election.

Figo – sad and disillusioned after the process – had been standing against current president Sepp Blatter but says it’s essentially pointless running against him. “This is not a real election. It is but a show. In a real election everyone can give bribes to whomever they want, but no one would accept mine. It’s not right.”

Figo withdrew yesterday with just a week to go until the election took place, stating that Blatter “runs a dictatorship”.

“What is the point really? When your opponent has bribed everyone already and they won’t even consider your offer, that’s not a real election. When a former Champions League winner can’t even hand someone a packed brown envelope, we need to look at seriously changing the process.”

Though he admitted defeat this time, Figo said he’d be back for the next election. “I’ll be there,” he said. “I’ll be in there quick with the biggest and best bribes. I’ll learn more about each president too, a good briber knows who he’s bribing. Blatter will be older then. Perhaps his heart will have softened and I’ll be able to bribe him too.”

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