Liverpool contact Gerrard death threat senders in bid to keep Sterling

Raheem Sterling Liverpool Death Threats Gerrard

How Sterling might look upon receiving a death threat. (Photo: Telegraph)

As the likelihood of Raheem Sterling staying at Anfield decreases by the day, the club are said to be considering taking drastic measures to keep him, The Banter Narrative can reveal.

According to sources close to the club, chief executive Ian Ayre has contacted the men responsible for sending Steven Gerrard infamous death threats in 2005 to ask for their services in keeping Sterling at the club.

The club are growing increasingly desperate to keep the player, especially after missing Champions League football, and feel that having death threats sent to him may change his mind on the matter. “The club feel that if Raheem’s life is seriously threatened he’ll properly reconsider his future with the club. Gerrard changed his mind almost immediately after receiving death threats a decade ago. It worked then, they feel it will work now.”

While Liverpool lack the financial firepower of other clubs – or Champions League football – having hardened criminals willing to work on their behalf is a luxury other clubs in the Premier League don’t enjoy. Although rarely exercised, the club feel that this is an instance where it is utterly necessary.

Whether or not the tactic works, the club must be commended for going above and beyond to try and keep their stars.

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