FIFA 16 to contain unlockable Slave Manager mode


EA Sports’ FIFA series prides itself on realism and that appears set to continue with the announcement of several new modes today.

FIFA 16, according to TBN sources, will contain a special unlockable mode called Slave Manager Mode, in which site managers buy, sell, whip and beat slaves until every World Cup stadium is built. It’s said to be part of the developers’ efforts to reflect modern football.

We’ve brought fans several modes in which they can manage teams and buy and sell players. Slavery is such a huge part of modern football, we’d be remiss to neglect it in the game,” said an EA Sports spokesperson. The company has confirmed that the new mode can only be unlocked by sending €100 in a brown envelope to Zurich, Switzerland.

Other modes touted to be part of the new game include File Manager – in which you destroy sensitive information within an allotted time frame before the FBI appear – and Meet That Tyrant – in which you navigate the pitfalls of a meeting with a dictator whose country you just awarded the World Cup to.

FIFA 16 is released in late September, pre-order early to get your complimentary vial of lucky slave’s blood.

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