Angel Di Maria found hiding in David de Gea’s luggage as he boards plane for Madrid

Di Maria is said to have been inconsolable after being discovered.

Di Maria is said to have been inconsolable after being discovered.

Customs officers at Manchester airport were shocked to discover Argentine midfielder Angel Di Maria hidden in one of David de Gea’s suitcases today, as the goalkeeper prepared to travel to Madrid to secure a move to Spanish side Real Madrid.

After months of speculation regarding the goalkeeper’s future, it was reported today that he had said his goodbyes to teammates at Manchester United’s Carrington training ground.

The Spaniard then visited his Manchester home to pick up some suitcases before having the majority of his belongings shipped over at a later date, at which point authorities believe Di Maria entered the suitcase.

De Gea apparently had no idea Di Maria was hiding in his luggage until an airport employee spotted him during a routine baggage scan. Upon being spotted, Di Maria is said to have began sobbing uncontrollably, asking de Gea to help free him from his living hell.

Di Maria has struggled to settle in Manchester and there have been rumours that he could be on the move after just one season. This incident will no doubt put his future in further doubt.

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