Sunderland fans deeply confused over feeling “opposite to pessimism” following Advocaat appointment

(Photo: Telegraph)

(Photo: Telegraph)

Sunderland fans across most of Wearside were said to be in a state of deep confusion this afternoon after collective reports of experiences of a “feeling opposite to pessimism”, sources in the north east of England reported today.

Thousands of fans reported a similar feeling at almost precisely the same time on Thursday afternoon, leading some to contact the emergency services over fears of an epidemic in the region.

The symptoms, seemingly in the aftermath of Dick Advocaat’s confirmation as manager for next season, included a warm tingly feeling in the soul tinged with a degree of giddiness, as well as an increased heartbeat, believed to be down to excitement or enthusiasm.

Doctors in the area, besieged by patients, eventually put minds at ease by stating that they were in fact experiencing optimism. It is said to be the first outbreak of the emotion in the region in close to a decade.

It is expected the outbreak could go on for most of the summer.

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