€5M FIFA payment spent on pints and taco chips during Euro 2012, FAI reveals

(Photo: Broadsheet)

(Photo: Broadsheet)

The FAI today revealed that the €5 million payment from FIFA in 2009 was used to buy drinks and taco chips during John Delaney’s visit to Poland for the European Championships in 2012.

During a radio interview yesterday with Ray d’Arcy, FAI boss John Delaney revealed that Ireland had been paid a €5 million fee by FIFA to prevent them from proceeding with legal action over Thierry Henry’s handball against the Irish in a World Cup play off 6 years ago.

The payment has not been listed in the FAI’s public accounts in the subsequent years and yesterday’s revelation raised questions over the organisation’s transparency. Delaney however has been quick to explain where the money went.

Having boasted at the time of having paid the bar tab for several hundred Irish fans, it appears now that he settled the bill using FIFA’s payment to the football association.

According to the statement, €1.5 million was spent by Delaney on the night of Ireland vs Croatia, with approximately €750,000 spent on Jager Bombs, €200,000 on taco chips and a further €55,000 spent importing Tayto Cheese and Onion.

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