Man barely bluffs his way through entire conversation about match he didn’t watch

Krawm - centre - silently bluffing his way through a discussion.

Krawm – centre – silently bluffing his way through a discussion.

Unable to summon up the courage to tell his colleagues the truth, local man Shawn Krawm just about bluffed his way through an hour long conversation about the Copa America match between Brazil and Peru without mentioning he hadn’t even watched the game, according to witnesses.

Krawm, an accountant at Gluber & Glúber, was snuggled up warm in his bed as the match took place despite informing friends he was planning on watching, even going so far as to tweet about the game twice.

He is said to have shifted nervously in his seat regularly throughout. “I thought he was going to crack,” said one canny witness. “But he just sat there sipping his coffee.”

Mr. Krawm appeared to be on the verge of contributing to the conversation on several occasions, before opting out at the last minute, choosing instead to smile and nod enthusiastically.

“That’s one of the things I really love about Shawn,” added another colleague. “He doesn’t force his opinion on you, y’know?!”

Krawm is said to have a history of this kind of behaviour, having previously given acquaintances the impression he’d watched the Champions League final despite being out for dinner on the night it took place.

At press time, Krawm had reiterated his excitement to colleagues regarding tonight’s match between Chile and Mexico, stating that he only hopes it’s as good as the tournament’s opener which, he says, set the bar pretty high.

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