Real Madrid offer Manchester United choice of either €13M or The Box in exchange for David De Gea

David De Gea may be one step closer to joining Real Madrid.

David De Gea may be one step closer to joining Real Madrid.

Negotiations between Real Madrid and Manchester United over the sale of David De Gea intensified in the last 24 hours as sources close to the deal confirmed that the Spanish giants have offered Manchester United the choice of either €13 million or The Box in exchange for the goalkeeper.

Rumours have circulated for weeks as to what amount of money it would take for Manchester United to part with a player who has just twelve months left on his contract, with fees from anywhere between €20 million and €30 million being quoted.

More recent updates have suggested that the fee Madrid are willing to offer is closer to the €13 million mark but sources close to both clubs have said that the offer of The Box changes things.

“The sort of money that we want (upwards of €20 million) could be used to reinvest in the team and sign a quality replacement for David. But The Box could be anything, it might be more money, it might be something really cool we don’t even know about yet,” said an unnamed source within Old Trafford.

“Then again, it could be less money or something awful like a snake or a bag of spiders. That’s the thing with The Box, you never know,” added the source.

Whether United are willing to accept such a daring offer remains to be seen, but according to whispers from within the club, Ed Woodward is said to look favourably upon any deal involving The Box, telling an employee that it’s “pretty cool”.

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