LAD Bible and BBC Sporf hold crisis talks over dwindling supply of FIFA 16 women’s football jokes

The meeting between Lad Bible and BBC Sporf executives was a tense affair.

The meeting between LAD Bible and BBC Sporf executives was a tense affair.

Crisis talks have been held at the headquarters of both LAD Bible and BBC Sporf amid growing concern regarding the ever dwindling supply of jokes about women’s football in FIFA 16, according to insiders.

The announcement by EA Sports that this year’s game would feature women’s football for the first time was welcomed by several hundred hilarious jokes about cleaning and cooking. However, last Sunday’s tweet about the fictional “Kitchen Mode” is the last either have made on the subject.

The drought is unforeseen and worrying, said a spokesperson for BBC Sporf. “We didn’t see this coming if I’m being honest. The subject of women, and especially women in football, is so rife for comedy, we just thought the jokes would keep on coming.”

“It seems that we may have hit the ceiling with our brilliant ‘Kitchen Mode’ joke last week but we’re going to sit down, discuss our next move and see where we go from here,” he added.

At press time, several sources stated the most likely course of action would be repeating the “Kitchen Mode” tweet every week until the game’s release, though they are yet to rule out the possibility of some kind of lesbian joke.

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