Incredible! These two ingenious football fans sneaked into a Copa America match, got arrested and later died in a Chilean prison


We’ve all dreamed of doing it, but not many of us are this savvy. These two ingenious football fans managed to sneak into the Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile on Friday night dressed as, wait for it… policemen!

Genius! The two men – friends Josh Clem (28) and Brett Doon (25) from Ballyhaunis in Ireland – were desperate to see Chile play Bolivia but couldn’t afford tickets on their already low travel budget. So, they had the clever idea of murdering two policemen in the Chilean capital, stealing their clothes and sneaking into the match in plain sight. Classic!

They even sent their friends back home a Snapchat before trying to sneak in, brilliant. It’s one thing trying to sneak in though and a whole other not getting found out. But they did it, for most of the match anyway.

With about five minutes left in the game, which Chile won 5-0, Chilean police found the two men, matched the IDs on their stolen uniforms to those of their fallen colleagues and threw the men in jail! Wow, what an adventure.

Chilean Jail

That’s not where the story ends though. While in jail, the two friends – who were frantically trying to explain to police that it was just a banter – were stabbed several hundred times by other inmates who thought they were actual policemen. Talk about an epic fail.

“These football fans’ love for the game and desire to watch football was only matched by their fellow inmates’ hatred for policemen,” said a Chilean police spokesperson.

These absolute legends may not have got the ending to this adventure that they’d hoped, but they lived more in those short hours than most of us will in our whole lives. Fair play gents, and rest in peace!


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