BBC Sport and BBC Sporf to merge, national broadcaster confirms


The national broadcaster of England – the BBC – has today confirmed that its sports broadcasting department BBC Sport will merge with BBC Sporf, after months of behind the scenes negotiations.

Canny internet users are said to have noticed something of a crossover in the content produced by both accounts in recent months, and this was no coincidence according to Deputy General of the BBC Tony Hall.

“We’ve had some of the brightest minds from BBC Sporf come in and show our digital journalists how to do things properly. We feel that it really shows in our content – to the point that some people say they find it hard to tell the difference between the two accounts now.”

As part of the merge, several hundred BBC Sport staff will receive training in the art of click bait, sexism and homophobia from their new BBC Sporf colleagues, as they work together on the new BBC Sporft.

“The merge just makes sense,” added Mr. Hall. “With our millions strong fan base and their lack of integrity regarding all forms of content it’s truly a match made in heaven.”

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