Parma vow to return to Serie A and make the same mistakes all over again

Parma fans protest the club's suspension earlier in the season.

Parma fans protest the club’s suspension earlier in the season.

Parma have responded to their bankruptcy and demotion to Italy’s amateur leagues with an embattled vow to eventually return to the country’s top flight and make the same mistakes all over again, according to officials within the club.

Since their glory days of the 1990s, the club have been in a perpetual state of turmoil for close to a decade and finally declared bankruptcy today after a season-long fight to secure the financing necessary to survive.

But club officials haven’t gone down without a fight and this afternoon called upon fans to stick with the team in their battle to return to Serie A and do it all all over again.

“There’s not a thing we would’ve done differently,” said club chairman Giampietro Manenti in a defiant speech today. “Don’t you worry, we’ll be back and we’ll spend whatever it takes to get there.”

“We declared bankruptcy over ten years ago and we made it back, if we follow the same model we can do it all again,” he added. “If we end up back here, we’ll just do it again.”

Many in Italian football have doubted Manenti’s credentials to run Parma in recent times. However, his arrest for money laundering in March is said to have settled any doubts about his ability among the footballing community.

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