Baku human rights abuses just not as sexy as those in Qatar, study finds

Though bad, Baku's human rights abuse didn't quite capture the public's imagination in the way Qatar has, said the study.

Though bad, Baku’s human rights abuse didn’t quite capture the public’s imagination in the way Qatar has, said the study.

The human rights abuses in Baku, Azerbaijan just aren’t capturing the public imagination in the way those happening in Qatar are, according to a study released by Human Rights Watch today.

The study spoke to several key professors and many everyday internet users to try and gauge the public feeling towards the human rights abuses in Baku.

Currently hosting the European Games, Azerbaijan has one of the worst human rights records in Europe according to Human Rights Watch – with torture, imprisonment and forced disappearances almost systematic – though that appears to matter little to those surveyed.

“I have a lot more time and anger for the human rights abuse in Qatar. I mean, I don’t even where Baku is,” said Twitter user Tate Rain (@TR1994).

Another respondent stated that he felt the Baku human rights abuses lacked the glamour of those in Qatar. “You just can’t beat the magic and lustre of the World Cup,” claimed Pete Branz. “It trumps all.”

Those sentiments were echoed by James Cavallaro – professor of International Human Rights at Stanford Law School. “Azerbaijan have been committing atrocities with just as much frequency as Qatar – though it would be hard to tell by these displays. Qatar’s human rights abuse is all round more polished and professional, and it really shows.”

Head of the study Dr. Gloria Faustina said that the results represented a trend. “Human rights abusers really need to get their acts together. Host a major global tournament or something to that effect – put your atrocities on display. Otherwise you’re really not going to capture the public’s imagination.”

“Locking people up isn’t enough anymore. To really attract attention you need mass death and major sponsors. Compared to Qatar, Azerbaijan just isn’t doing enough. They really need to sex things up,” she added.

At press time Azerbaijan’s minister for culture and torture stated the country would do everything in its power to bring its abuses up to internationally recognised standards.

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