Brazil announce “social injustice” as new national sport after Copa America shame

"We are undoubtedly world champions of frivolous spending," said an official.  (Photo: Reuters/Alex Almeida)

“We are undoubtedly world champions of frivolous spending,” said an official. (Photo: Reuters/Alex Almeida)

Brazil’s government has reacted to its football team’s shameful defeat in the Copa America to Paraguay by removing football as the country’s national sport and replacing it with “social injustice”, according to sources close to officials.

Dunga’s side were embarrassed as they bowed out of the tournament after a penalty shoot out defeat to minnows Paraguay, and authorities were quick to react.

“We’re so over football. We don’t even like it anymore,” said a government official through a veil of tears today. “But no one, neither in South America or the rest of the world, can match us for social injustice. The real aim of the World Cup last year was to use funds frivolously and we feel we were undoubtedly the world champions of doing just that.”

“We have a true flair for corruption and injustice here. While the western world is just as corrupt, few can do it with the same swagger and style that we can,” added the source. “We have protests every day, people cannot eat, we are truly untouchable in this regard.”

Other pastimes considered for national sport status included dancing and standing in the sun, but social injustice eventually won out by an overwhelming but influential minority.

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