Blackpool FC to join five a side league

Blackpool's five a side first team squad for the season ahead.

Blackpool’s five a side first team squad for the season ahead.

With just weeks until the start of pre-season and only ten players in their squad, League One side Blackpool have decided to step away from professional football and switch to five a side, according to sources within the club.

“In many ways this side is far more suited to five a side, or at least seven a side football,” said the club’s owner Karl Oyston. “Especially given that we only have ten players. Five a side football is made for us.”

Though questions will be asked about the viability of a former Premier League club operating in a five a side league, Oyston assured fans this will not be an issue.

“Without all the overheads from Football League rules, we can make sure the money goes where it’s supposed to. I’m really, really looking forward to it,” he added.

Blackpool’s potential opponents next season include a team of firefighters and several out of shape middle aged men.

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