Nigel Pearson challenges entire Leicester City board to arm wrestle


Pearson has challenged all comers to show their strength against him. (Photo: Telegraph)

In a sensational bid to get his job back just hours after being sacked, Nigel Pearson has challenged the entire Leicester City board to an arm wrestle this afternoon.

Claiming that his sacking was unjust and that “anyone physically weaker has no right to make such decisions” Pearson has called out the entire club board seeking the chance to win back his job.

“I’m not an ostrich,” said the former Hull boss. “There’s only one way to solve this. I’m secure in the knowledge that my masculinity and strength will lead me to glory.”

Pearson also took the opportunity to call out any other potential foes looking for trouble.

“I challenge any man, woman and child who think they can take me to show up to the stadium this afternoon and I’ll show them what for. We’ll see who the ostrich is then,” he added.

At press time, Pearson is said to be performing public feats of strength in the car park of the King Power Stadium.

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