You won’t believe what Christian Benteke did when a fan asked him to have a kick about


We all know Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke. The pacey and strong forward had a strong end to last season and has been linked with sides such as Liverpool.

His on field persona is one of a tough, burly man not afraid to get involved in a physical tussle if needs be. But have we ever seen this side of him?

While walking through his neighbourhood in Birmingham at around 8pm last Wednesday, a young fan playing football asked him to kick the ball around with him. What Benteke did next might just surprise you.

Instead of playing football with him, he invited him into his house. He got the child a glass of water and talked to him about an incredible opportunity for him and his family.

By investing just £1000 the child could see returns of up to £25000 within a year. Wow.

How it works, Benteke explained, is that the £1000 is spent on inventory and marketing material and each sale earns money for not just the child, but Benteke gets a sweet little commission too.

Once the child has earned enough, Benteke continued, he can then bring in someone he feels might want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity too.

Benteke has nearly fifteen people under him now, he stated, and can regularly holiday out of the country.

It’s all very simple, Benteke added, and definitely not a pyramid scheme.

Remarkable! This incredible story really shows that perhaps we’re a little harsh on footballers.

Letting this child in on the ground floor of this wonderful opportunity suggests that maybe footballers aren’t as out of touch as we thought.


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