Arturo Vidal celebrates Chile’s Copa America win over Argentina with double decker drunk drive through Santiago

Arturo Vidal on his celebratory drunk drive through the streets of Santiago.

Arturo Vidal on his celebratory drunk drive through the streets of Santiago.

Arturo Vidal celebrated Chile’s triumphant Copa America victory last night with a celebratory double decker drunk drive around Santiago, according to sources in the city.

Chile defeated Argentina to win the first trophy in the country’s history, defeating Messi and co. 4-1 on penalties after the match finished goalless.

A visibly intoxicated Vidal, who crashed his car while drink driving at the beginning of the tournament, then led teammates around the streets of Santiago in what sources said was a Leyland Titan.

Vidal was said to be leaning out of the window hailing his adoring fans while taking selfies. Sources stated that he used his free hand to simultaneously hold a bottle of champagne and the steering wheel.

The winner of the man of the match award for the final said he felt vindicated after the drive, which left forty four people injured.

“To begin the tournament in this way and then to finish with a drunk drive around my city too – after all the criticism I received – it feels like closure,” said the Juventus midfielder.

“If there’s anything I’ve learned from this, it’s that amazing things can come from not being prosecuted for a crime you’ve committed,” he added.

After crashing the bus at the steps of Santiago city hall, Vidal and his terrified teammates departed, with sources saying they partied well into the night.

Vidal, who has been linked with moves to Spain and England recently, stated that he will take a week’s holiday drink driving around South America before deciding where his future lies.

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