Twitter account barcastuff arrested for voyeurism and stalking

Just one of the many peculiar posts of Twitter account barcastuff.

Just one of the many peculiar posts of Twitter account barcastuff.

Twitter account barcastuff has been arrested and charged with voyeurism and stalking, police sources confirmed today.

Citing the account’s controversial tactic of posting every single photo of Barcelona players available online on its Twitter account on a daily basis, barcastuff has been detained and bail has been set at $500,000.

“The behaviour of this account is hideous,” said Detective Frank Moore today. “The amount of inappropriate photographs we have found in this account’s hard drive is remarkable. It would appear barcastuff has been stalking Barcelona players for several years.”

Detective Moore stated that his colleagues had found evidence of over one million private photographs in barcastuff’s possession, as well as thousands of locks of hair and individual socks dating as far back as 1988.

He also confirmed that the job of collating evidence was made significantly easier by the enormous amounts on barcastuff’s Twitter account. “This was an obsessed and deranged beast, methodical in its task.”

“We have a good case against this sick bastard,” added Moore. “It’ll be a long time before barcastuff sees the light of day again.”

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