Guest blog – Sky Sports News presenter Jim White


Hello, this is Jim White, Sky Sports News presenter and inventor of the yellow tie.

When TBN contacted Jim White about writing this guest blog I knew immediately who they were looking for, because their email was addressed to Jim White, or – as I refer to him – me.

Ever since I was a young boy I knew that I was destined to be Jim White and what it would take for me to fulfil this destiny.

Some may say that my path was preordained by my being named Jim White, but this betrays the hard work that I – Jim White – have dedicated to becoming the man you trust, the man whose ties you dress your children in.

It is both a gift and a curse being Jim White, the inventor of the yellow tie. But looking in the mirror, I know I couldn’t possibly have done any more than I have already.

I have filled these Jim White-sized shoes handsomely, and look back with pride upon the various foes I have vanquished in the name of Jim White.

Some days I ponder if I truly am Jim White, or if this life I live is but a mirage, a lucid dream in the mind of someone else, someone not even called Jim White.

In my mind I wander the grassy knolls of a world without Jim White – without the yellow tie – and all I see is sadness and eggs. Eggs as far as the eye can see. Eggs on top of eggs, and then eyes shaped like eggs. Then the eggs hatch, out of which emerge a fresh Jim White adorned in a million tiny yellow ties, screaming a terrifying high pitched chirp.

But then I awaken every morning, I look at my passport and I remember once more that it’s true – I am Jim White, the Sky Sports News presenter and inventor of the yellow tie.

Jim White donated his fee for this guest blog to the Wellcome Trust.

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