LA Galaxy run out of footballs on Steven Gerrard’s first day of training


One of the hundreds of cross field passes Gerrard attempting in the twenty minute long session. (Photo: Sky Sports)

Steven Gerrard’s first LA Galaxy training session ended after just twenty minutes after the club ran out of footballs, say sources in attendance.

It was the new signing’s first chance to train with his new teammates and he sought to impress immediately, said insiders.

“We all know what a great player Stevie is,” said a member of the club’s backroom staff. “So we were all really excited to see him kick the ball.”

Sources said that Gerrard attempted hundreds of cross field passes and long range shots in an attempt to show off to teammates, losing approximately two hundred footballs in the process.

“It was carnage,” said Bruce Arena. “Balls were bouncing across the highway. One hit the Hollywood sign. He did come close with one shot, but it ended up breaking a window and bursting the ball. He truly is a great player.”

Robbie Keane added that it was good to be back playing with Gerrard, before offering a warning to his new teammate. “It was nice to be on the pitch with him, he’s a legend. But they have a say here in LA – you can’t play football without footballs.”

After the short lived session, Gerrard spoke of his delight at moving to a new country and league.

“You can totally reinvent yourself when you emigrate,” said the former Liverpool captain. “For example, I’ve been asking that everyone call me Steven the Great, something I would never have been able to do in England.”

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