Flamingo Land reneges on sponsorship to distance itself from Hull City

Hull City's initial announcement confirming the sponsorship.

Hull City’s initial announcement confirming the sponsorship, the company have since reneged on the deal.

Flamingo Land has today reneged on its sponsorship deal with Hull City effective immediately, citing its desire to distance itself from “a laughing stock on organisation”.

Hull’s sponsorship with the Yorkshire zoo was announced just this morning and received widespread social media attention.

However, after seeing the responses to the deal, Flamingo Land CEO John Blackheart contacted the club to cancel the deal.

“We at Flamingo Land pride ourselves on being Yorkshire’s premier zoo experience,” said Mr. Blackheart. “We have a reputation to uphold, we should have known better than to associate ourselves with such an organisation.”

Hull City’s owner Assem Allam is said to be furious with the zoo’s decision, having already picked out the club’s new tiger as part of the deal.

Mr. Blackheart has said that his fine establishment will continue to look for sponsorship opportunities within football.

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