Sky sources understand that they know nothing about transfers, say Sky sources


Sky sources understand that they know nothing about any transfers taking place currently, according to Sky sources.

The details of the transfers, of which there are possibly many, are well beyond the grasp of all but a close knit few involved in the business of completing them, said the source.

The fees involved in the deals they don’t know anything about are unknown, potentially rising to even higher numbers which they are unaware of, added the insider.

The deals may even involve a swap deal with another unknown player, but as with the rest of the deals, that is unknown.

The transfer will be completed whenever the paperwork gets finished, stated the source, but no one could correctly predict when that was going to be.

Sources believe that the deal may be completed between now and the end of time.

Sky sources added that they’re not entirely sure why anyone still listens to them. “You’ve got the internet,” said the source. “There’s no need for us. Why are you listening to us? Why are you still here? Why are we still here?”

Sky sources did however confirm that once the transfers are completed, they’ll inform the public long after everyone has already heard about them.

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