Local man furious as obscure Paraguayan team purposely loses to spoil his accumulator

Mr. Crew was said to be inconsolable after the incident.

Mr. Crew was said to be inconsolable after the incident.

A local man has been left inconsolable and furious after an obscure football team based in Paraguay purposely lost to spoil his promising accumulator bet, say sources close to the incident.

Witnesses say Fran Crew was apoplectic after what he believed to be a direct insult to him, as Fulgencio Yegros managed to lose 4-3 having led 3-0 at half time.

Crew is said to have had nine teams on his bet, ranging from the early stages of European football qualification to the lower leagues of South American youth football.

“They screwed him,” said a source close to Mr. Crew. “Totally screwed him. Either that or they did not care one iota about the bet which he had undertaken.”

Had the side not so blatantly thrown the match, say friends of Crew, he would have stood to win close to €72 off a €1.50 stake.

The devastated punter is said to be considering taking official action against the club, who languish in 15th place in the Paraguayan fourth division and operate on an annual budget of approximately €200,000 per year. “I’m looking into various channels now to try to see if I can get some sort of compensation, or at the very least an apology.”

Crew’s family revealed that this is not the first incident of flagrant cheating against Fran, with many remembering a French Ligue 2 team perpetrating similar deeds against their son and brother towards the tail end of last season.

A seasoned online gambler with over two accumulator wins to his name, Crew has sworn off gambling in the aftermath of what he calls his “Hindenburg”.

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