Liverpool fan with new, better paid job unhappy with “greedy and selfish” Raheem Sterling

Mark Crawford, pictured, spoke of anger at the greed of Raheem Sterling.

Mark Crawford, pictured, spoke of his anger at the greed of Raheem Sterling.

A recently head hunted Liverpool fan has taken offence to Raheem Sterling’s treatment of the football club and Brendan Rodgers.

Sterling has asked to leave the club, claiming he wants to move to a bigger stage and no longer wants to play for Rodgers. Manchester City are believed to lead the queue for him.

“It’s all in bad taste,” said 46 year old graphic designer Mark Crawford, who recently left the job he’d been in for ten years after being offered what he describes as “silly money”.

The forward has been attacked on social media and via phone calls after having his number leaked, but Crawford, whose income increased by a whopping 45% since taking his new job, has no sympathy for him.

“For someone to be so selfish and greedy is quite disgusting,” he said as he left work early on Friday to depart on a weekend break in Florence with his fiancée Liz.

“His lack of loyalty really gets me too,” added a visibly angry Crawford of the Jamaican born, London raised footballer.

“It’s just sad that all they seem to think about is themselves, but that’s footballers, isn’t it?” added the newly minted Merseyside native before speeding off in his brand new Lexus.

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