New Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson welcomes “crippling and debilitating pressure” of armband


Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson has spoken for the first time of his pride at being the side’s new captain and his willingness to accept the “crippling pressure” it entails.

Henderson replaced Steven Gerrard as captain after the 35 year old departed for MLS side LA Galaxy at the end of last season.

Speaking during the club’s tour of Thailand Henderson has welcomed what he calls the “crippling and debilitating pressure” that comes with the captaincy.

“Oh, for sure,” answered Henderson when asked if he felt the pressure of the captaincy. “This is a big club. And we haven’t won anything for a while. It’s terrifying.”

“We’ve got a big season ahead of us and I undoubtedly, 100% feel the pressure passed on by Steven. If anything, his not winning a league title has made my job harder,” added the Sunderland native.

Henderson spoke at length at his excitement at leading the side out in the big games this season and his anxiety about the years worth of sleepless night he has ahead of him.

He confirmed also that he had learned a lot from Gerrard before his departure. “Steven was great. He let me know where I could get hold of sleeping tablets, how to cover up bags under your eyes and showed me some great workout routines to deal with carrying the club.”

At press time Henderson was working with the club’s medical staff to work out how to best shoulder his new burden.

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