Iker Casillas won’t leave his room or even eat his dinner, says worried Porto

Casillas is said to be irritable and grumpy and won't even eat pizza.

Casillas is said to be irritable and grumpy and won’t even eat pizza.

New signing Iker Casillas refuses to leave his room or eat his dinner, according to his new club FC Porto.

Casillas signed with the Portuguese side last week after a quarter of a century with Spanish giants Real Madrid and despite the Oporto club being encouraged by his initial enthusiasm, things are said to have taken a turn for the worst.

The goalkeeper, who is currently staying in a hotel room in the city, has refused to leave his room under any circumstances for the past number of days, nor will he eat his dinner, according to sources at the club.

“We’re really worried about him, ” said Porto chairman Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa. “At his age he should be getting out and about, not sitting cooped up in his room. He could really do with some fresh air.”

Reports have emerged that Casillas has spent the last number of days listening to The Cure, Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver’s For Emma around the clock and won’t even eat the pizza he likes despite the club offering it to him.

He is also said to be irritable and cranky and refuses to look anyone in the eye on the rare occasions he has come into contact with another person.

“We’re in a bind,” said Porto manager Julen Lopetegui. “We don’t want to pressure him because he’s at that difficult stage, but we know for his own good he needs to be out and about. We even got a few of his Madrid friends over, but he refused to even open the hotel room door for them.”

At press time, club officials had vowed to be patient with Casillas but were said to be discouraged by his shouts of “You’re not my real club!” at staff members during the night.

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