Spartak Moscow awarded three extra points by Russian FA after fan racism


Spartak Moscow have been awarded an extra three points by the Russian Football Union after the club’s fans were found guilty of racist abuse last night, according to league sources.

The charge relates to last week’s game between the club and UFA in which former Arsenal and Wolves midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong was racially abused by Spartak’s fans. 31 minutes into the game, Frimpong reacted by giving the fans the middle finger, for which he was sent off and subsequently banned for two matches.

According to a Russian FA spokesperson, Spartak Moscow’s fans had been found guilty of “racist abuse towards a player” and would receive an extra three Russian Premier League points as a result.

“The fans were amazing,” said the spokesperson. “A coordinated display such as this shows that football is alive and well in this great country of ours. It shows that the club is working hard to cultivate racism in their ranks. Though sadly still a minority, they’re an example to Russian football.”

The extra points come into effect next week, he added, but will be revoked if Spartak fans fail to racially abuse further players before the end of the season.

He also confirmed that the country’s football association would make racism a priority in the lead up to the World Cup.

“It’s about a sustainable push,” he stated. “We need fans working together alongside clubs to make non-white players know that they’re not welcome. We’ll even be introducing background checks on fans to try and root out the ones who aren’t racist. There’s no place for them in our game.”

“Above all else we need these measures to encourage people. Without them, the public might think it’s not okay to racially abuse players who are a different colour to them.”

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